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The Montessori Method

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The teaching methods pioneered by Maria Montessori have had a profound impact on the development of children around the world. From Anne Frank to Jeff Bezos, countless lives have been shaped by an approach to learning that focuses not just on academics, but the development of The Whole Child. At The Little Montessori school, your child's teachers serve not as lecturers, but as Guides who are honored to accompany them on their journey of growth. Our goal is to provide each child with the individual tools he or she needs, and then gently step back as they develop the independence, confidence, and abilities rooted inside themselves.

From the careful determination of a three year old developing self-sufficiency through practical-life skills, to the patience of a six year old assisting a younger classmate with their work, to the confidence of an elementary student guiding her peers through a conflict resolution meeting, Montessori children do far more than learn to read and write all day - they kindle the fires of passion for learning, humanity, and leadership.

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There is no one-size-fits-all approach in a Montessori classroom: each student progresses through curriculum at their very own pace, receiving individual lessons on new material and endowed with the freedom to move about the classroom and explore the richness of each material, moving on to more advanced lessons as they master the ones before. This child-led approach is centered around respect for students as individuals, creating an environment where even the youngest of children practice respect for themselves and for others.

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